Are Teachers Necessary in the Future?

So what I’ve been struggling with is the role of an educator in our society. While the idea of bringing the classroom into the 21st century is exciting, there are a couple of things that worry me. First, the financial reality of school districts is bleak. Classrooms with broken windows, falling ceiling tiles, leaking roofs […]

Breaking Barriers

Discovering the learning possibilities as a student has excited and motivated me to promote the same type of learning in all institutions, both public and private, from K-12 to post-secondary. It seems that a big challenge in education revolves student perfomance and teaching effectiveness. I think that going edupunk helps to reduce some of those […]

DIY Learning

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to determine what I want to learn about to make me a better teacher. And then it hit me – I have always struggled with making my classes more student-centered rather than teacher-directed. I think this is partly due to the fear of my classes getting “out […]

Brand Tammi

This week’s assignments were really fun! It’s such a great idea to reflect upon who you are and what you want others to know about you. As a result of the readings and then my reflections, a number of important things happened. First, my klout score is totally unacceptable. 10? Really?? I guess that’s not […]

Week 5

Okay that is it! I am not going to attempt to publish my blogs on my iPad anymore!!!! Seriously, it is so frustrating because I am having to redo my post again. Ugh…if only I had learned my lesson. This week, I was yet again so excited by the vast information out there in Cybertania. It is just […]

Lions and Tigers and Mr. T, Oh My!

This week I got started on the sequence as soon as it was posted. I thought to myself that I’d finish it lickity-split. Boy was that not the case! It seems the more I delve into this cyber world, the larger it gets. It’s not like anything I’ve experienced, except maybe cleaning, because it has […]

This is a test

And only a test of the emergency social media system. Ok so now that I downloaded the app for word press on my iPad, will I be able to post a blog? Better yet, will it show up on my twitter feed????

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