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Lions and Tigers and Mr. T, Oh My!

This week I got started on the sequence as soon as it was posted. I thought to myself that I’d finish it lickity-split. Boy was that not the case! It seems the more I delve into this cyber world, the larger it gets. It’s not like anything I’ve experienced, except maybe cleaning, because it has no end in sight. But at least this is enjoyable. Now my only real issue seems to be the sedentary lifestyle cyber discovery is leading me toward. This next week I am going to figure out how to do this while still being physically active. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it!

As I suspected, I really liked Hootsuite, but Netvibes was pretty cool too. I haven’t really used them that much though because I have been so busy just reading all of the content out there. My favorite application we tried this week was Ifft. I just love conditional statements for some reason – maybe from my logic class a million years ago. But Ifft really simplifies my life – a little bit anyway.

Now onto the matter of curation and aggregation. I really had no idea at first how these words related to social media, but then I started researching. I couldn’t believe how many posts there were on the topic, but I should have realized it would be significant because assigning something insignificant would have been a big waste of time. Although some of the posts out there reveal how tired people are becoming of the subject. There seems to be a few main opinions out there. One is that they are very different; one that they are interchangeable; and one is that they fall somewhere in between alike and different. One of the simplest ways that I found to discern between the terms is this:

“Curation goes one step beyond aggregation by adding an active, ongoing editorial component. Curation and aggregation are similar in but a few ways.  They both want to take lots of content and put it in a place [framework, feed, database, etc.] and they both seek to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Most importantly, they both require a strategy.  Why is this content being put together? Who will use it?  How will they use it?  Are they getting it somewhere else right now?  What are the staffing impacts? What are the potential outcomes?”
Now I’m not sure if it was the explanation I really like, or if it was the image of Mr. T, but either way, the is is the link to the site:http://www.content-ment.com/2009/11/curation-versus-aggregation.html

Another site that offers further clarification:

“The words ‘aggregation’ and ‘curation’ are tossed around online, and have a variety of meanings – mainly due to the print media’s insistence on debating what they actually mean. Put simply, aggregation is content creation, and curation is content sourcing and sharing. The thing is, on Twitter everything is really content curation, but it’s known as an aggregation site. Confused? Even if you’re sharing an article you’ve written, you’re still recommending it to your community on the platform. It’s no different than recommending that they read someone else’s article. The act of organizing and sharing information on Twitter is curation. You select which articles of your own you want to syndicate. But, it’s not this simple either!”

Now this site goes into a lot more detail, and it gets a little confusing. But I like that it specifically focuses on one area of social media, twitter, to point to the distinction between curate and aggregate.

Ok my head is spinning, so that is all for now!


One comment on “Lions and Tigers and Mr. T, Oh My!

  1. After reading the “Mr. T blog” I was left wondering if the black-velvet museum is really curating, or just aggregating. From the video, It seems that they are just grabbing every piece of black-velvet artwork they can get their hands on, which, in my mind, is aggregation.

    I did notice that they have a bunch (overflow) of BV artwork at their house as well. Have they selected particular pieces, from their entire collection, for the museum? I can’t tell, from the video, if that is the case. If they are selecting pieces for the museum, I would say that they are curating.

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